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"Murmade Creative" offers photographic images through lensless photography and digital graphic services.

A pinhole photograph is a photograph that has been made by allowing light to pass through a hole, of particular size, and fall on light sensitive material. It is lenless photography.

I came to pinhole photography by wanting to use my empirical sensibilities to recognize the qualities of light in the landscape. I thought I could do that by taking as much technology out of the photographic process as possible, leaving only my assessment of the light conditions of a particular place and time, and film to record my interaction with that environment.

The pinhole camera gave me an aperture and film with none of the usual camera technology between myself and light. I load the camera with film and carry it into the landscape and select a subject. Using no light meters or any other paraphernalia I would sense the amount of exposure time that the light demanded. This took some practice. Sometimes I would count, sometimes I would just open the shutter (by removing a piece of tape) and wait until I felt the time was right to replace the tape or close the shutter.

I have built a number of pinhole cameras. The camera I use the most is a camera that "sees" 360 degrees It is made out of ABS pipe. The photographs presented here are the consequence of many different approaches to using the pinhole camera. 

In each image I have decided its output size and the number of times that image will be reproduced. I usually limit each image to ten copies. After those have been sold I remove the image from my web page and retire the negative or original.

If a photograph has been taken with a lens camera or is a collage it will be noted at that image.

Murray Polson

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